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Golden Bull & Bear is finished according to the traditional
goldsmiths craft and attention to detail.

The goldsmith at work on a bear

Bull and bear are naturalistically modelled and the greatest value was placed
on capturing proportion and the appropriate fighting positions.

Designs for both figures were produced with the goal of sketching out
the movement of both figures in the struggle.

Sketches for the fighting posture for the bull and the bear

An engraver of precious stones was commissioned for the
creation of the original protoplast figures.

Protoplast models

The first silver figures were produced from the models.

The first silver figures

The head of the bear was reworked, as the
head’s form was not satisfactory.

The old and new head of the bear – side view

The old and new head of the bear – front view

The finished head of the bear

After the production of the figure in silver,
the figure was produced in gold.

The first gold figures

A great challenge was to bring movement to the composition. This was overcome
through a two-part mechanism inside both of the two figures.

Mechanics of the bull

Mechanics of the bear

The finished figures were finally mounted on a
handcrafted base of precious serpentine.

The finished Stock Market Barometer
Golden Bull & Bear

The finished Stock Market Barometer
Golden Bull & Bear Silver Edition

The bulls's eyes

The bear's eyes

Golden Bull & Bear is ready for shipment and will be protected
during transport packed in a hand made wooden case.

The ready for shipment Stock Market Barometer

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